Welcome to The Crooked Chimney! We’re located in Lee, New Hampshire.

The Crooked Chimney will be on hiatus for a few years after the 2015 syruping season so that David can pursue a graduate degree. Thank you so much, loyal customers, for making the past 6 years possible! We look forward to returning to the sugaring industry in the future. While we’re taking a break, please check out the Vermont Birch Syrup Company from Glover, Vermont!

Visit the Tuckaway Farm store at 11 Randall Road in Lee, New Hampshire, to purchase a bottle of birch syrup! The self-serve farm store is open from dawn to dusk, and it is located in the wellhouse. Park at the end of the driveway, walk around the right side of the big white barn at the top of the driveway, and you’ll see the wellhouse at the end of the bark mulch path. Please make sure to sign the paper next to the door with what you buy, and you can make change for yourself in the cash box.

Since our supply is limited this year, we are limiting customers to one bottle a piece. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!