Sycamore Syrup

About Sycamore Syrup

Sycamore syrup is light brown – almost yellow – in color. Syrup produced from early-season sap runs tastes a bit like honey, and syrup produced later in the season tastes more like butterscotch. The smell of the sap as it steams off is slightly reminiscent of peanut brittle. It is made much like birch syrup and maple syrup are made – by evaporating most of the water out of the tree’s sap – and it is a delicious addition to many different foods. Sycamore sap flows on warm winter days – days during the January thaw and days during maple syruping season that are too warm for maple sap to flow (when daytime temperatures are greater than 50 – and even 60 – degrees Fahrenheit). Not much more is currently known about sycamore syrup, and The Crooked Chimney is excited about being a contributor to a new field of research!